A Collection of 175 Classic Campfire Favorites for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Current Version:   1.4

Great for use at Campfires, Campouts, Troop Meetings, Pack Meetings, Den Meetings, Hikes or whenever you have a desire to sing.   Songs can be accessed by type, such as Patriotic Songs, by an alphabetic index or by the tune they are sung to.  

iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod® compatible.

Lyrics can be searched for keywords.

Lyrics can be zoomed or shrunk with a standard pinch.

Tune Playback under iOS 5. (Currently 20 Tunes are in the app)

Air Print is supported, so that you can print out the lyric sheets for friends.

In App Purchase is available to Remove Ads.

Thanks to our friends Kirstin Zullo, Megan, Chip and Ginger Mikulich-Lapsansky for submitting a collection of their favorite songs.

iPhone / iPod Screenshots
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Campfire Songs

A Songbook of 175 Classic Songs